1. I’m Excited About This New Path

    Jimmy, Thank you for your tough love and for challenging us to get out of ourselves. I’m excited about this new path and your guidance to get me started.…Read More

  2. I’m a new person

    Jimmy, Thank you. I’m a new person. You’re an inspiration.…Read More

  3. Your Expertise is An Inspiration

    Thank you so much for opening up a new world for me! Your presence and expertise is truly an inspiration!…Read More

  4. Thank You For Sharing Your Knowledge

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and history of hot yoga. I hope to continue to spread hot yoga knowledge in ‘Jersey’!  Hope to see you soon!…Read More

  5. Life-Changing Yoga Experience

    Jimmy, thank you for this wonderful life-changing yoga experience.…Read More

  6. So Grateful

    Jimmy, Thank you for your motivation, support and coaching. Loved this hot yoga training and am so grateful for the experience!…Read More

  7. Loved My Experience

    Jimmy Barkan did a completely thorough job in covering all aspects of yoga required in a Level I training. He is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and personable. Loved my experience and would highly recommend it! …Read More

    December 2016
  8. Life Changing

    Absolutely a life changing experience! Barkan Method teacher training will change your life and the way you practice and teach yoga…Read More

    July 2016
  9. Truly A Transformative Experience

    I truly enjoyed my Barkan teacher training. The program was great because I didn't just learn the postures and sequence but I learned how to teach effectively. In addition to the postures, I also learned about human anatomy, history and lineage of the style of yoga I practice which adds immense value to my practice. I love knowing the history and lineage because it allows me to convey to others ho…Read More

    December 2016
  10. Thank You

    This journey of enlightenment is a gift. You are entrusting us with your life's work, almost 40 years of experience, effort and wisdom. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and we all casually converse but this does not detract from the significance of the situation. We are choosing to accept a great responsibility.  From my heart, from a place of pure light, I thank you.…Read More

    January 2017