Will I be a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance recognized teacher when I graduate?

Yes, after graduating from any Barkan Method Level I Teacher Training, submit your certificate to Yoga Alliance and they will grant you a 200 Hour RYT
(Registered Yoga Teacher), status.

Will the trainings be conducted by Jimmy Barkan?

Jimmy Barkan will conduct most of the training hours. On occasion senior Barkan Teachers as well as our anatomy instructor Janet Clark MD. (a Barkan Graduate) will instruct and teach classes.

Is the curriculum comprehensive?

Along with learning every posture in the Barkan Method sequence from beginner modifications to advanced amplifications participants will also learn:
The History of Yoga; Pre-Classical. Classical and Post-Classical. Yoga Philosophy, The Eight Limb Path The Chakra System and how it relates to Hatha Yoga. Study our lineage of Yoga Teachers from Calcutta, India and our Hatha Yoga system.

Will we learn how to teach a yoga class?

One thing that separates The Barkan Method Teacher Trainings is Jimmy Barkan’s ability to harness communication skills leading the future teachers to communicate in their own unique and authentic way! With compassion and insight, Jimmy connects with each of his students on a personal level and offers a unique platform to explore your inherent skills and strengths as a teacher.  You’ll be prepared to lead your first Hot Yoga class with confidence and skill!

What separates The Barkan Method Teacher Training programs from others?

Teaching yoga teachers is something we cannot take for granted. There are too many teacher trainings programs out today lead by instructors with limited
experience. This is what sets The Barkan Method apart. Jimmy has been practicing since 1980, was the only teacher allowed to certify Bikram Yoga Teachers besides Bikram! Jimmy started his own style of Hot Yoga called The Barkan Method back in 2002 and began his very own Teacher Training program after 22 years of teaching! Barkan has lead over 30 Level I and over 25 Level II/III teacher trainings with well over 1500 graduates who are now teaching all across the world. You will join a global network: There are Barkan Method teachers and studios in: Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Thailand, Hungary, Vienna, Switzerland, France, England, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, South America, Costa Rica and of course the United States!