1. Wind Removing (Liberation) Pose!!…By Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Guys, How to do Wind Relieving Pose or Pavanamuktasana in Sanskrit! Also called Wind Removing Pose but the literal translation is Wind Liberation Pose!! Bishnu Ghosh's main intention in creating what we now know as HOT YOGA, was to use these poses, (Asanas), to help heal the body! The Das brothers took over the Yoga department of Ghosh's College of India after Bishnu Ghosh passed. I once listen…Read More

  2. Top 3 Outstanding Qualities Yoga Teachers Have!…By Jimmy Barkan

    HI Everyone, We all have our favorite Yoga teachers, teachers who inspire, encourage and guide us. In this week's YouTube video I explain the top 3 qualities outstanding Yoga Teachers have in all styles of Yoga! During the Barkan Yoga Teacher Trainings will explore these three traits helping Yoga teachers reach their full potential and become effective communicators! These qualities can apply to t…Read More